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Sandeep filled water in 4/7 of an empty tank. After that, Ramakant filled 1/4 part more of the same tank. Then Umesh used 3/14 part of the tank to water the garden. If the tank has a maximum capacity of 560 litres, how many litres of water will be left in the tank?

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Part of tank filled by Sandeep = 4/7

Part of tank filled by Ramakant = 1/4

\(\therefore\) Part of tank filled by both of them together = \(\cfrac{4}{7}\)\(\cfrac{1}{4}\)

Part of tan used by Umesh = 3/14

\(\therefore\) Part of tan fille with water = 

Since maximum capacity of tank is 560 litres

∴ Quantity of water left in tank = \(\cfrac{17}{28}\) \(\times\) 560 = 340 litres.

∴ The quantity of water left in the tank is 340 litres.

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