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In what ways are the plants and animals useful to us?

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Plants Animals
1. Plants cannot move from one place to another. They are anchored to the soil. 1. Animals can move from one place to another.
2. Plants prepare their own food with the help of chlorophyll and sunlight. 2. Animals cannot prepare their own food. They move in search of food from one place to another.
3. Plants grow throughout their life. 3. Animals grow only up to a certain period of their life.
4. Plants respire with the help of microscopic pores present on their leaves and stems. 4. Animals respire with the help of special organs like lungs, gills, trachea, etc.
5. Plants excrete their waste by storing them in the leaves and bark of plants and then shedding them seasonally. 5. Animals excrete their waste with the help of special organs regularly.
6. Plants are only living things which take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen during photosynthesis. 6. Animals take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide throughout their life.
7. Plants reproduce with the help of seeds, stems, spores, bulbs etc. 7. Animals reproduce by laying eggs or giving birth to young ones.

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