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Observe picture and explain:

The Ratha or chariot temples:

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The Kailas Temple at Ellora (Verul)

The Kailas temple at Ellora in Maharashtra was carved out during the reign of Krishna Raja I. This temple is the largest rock-cut monolithic ancient Hindu temple. This temple gets its name Kailas as it symbolizes mount Kailas, the home of Lord Shiva.

A Satvahana coin with a ship's image

Indian trade was at its zenith during the Satavahana period. Indian goods were exported to western countries and even as far as Rome. Trade took place by sea and this fact is known through coins which have the image of a ship carved on it.

The ratha of chariot temples at Mahabalipuram

The rathas or shrines shaped as temple chariot are hewn from the granite rock. They are a perfect example of monilithic rock-cut architecture of the Pallava dynasty. These group monuments at Mahabalipuram has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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