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The limiting molar conductivities `A^(@)` for `NaCl,KBr` nd `KCl` are 126,152 and 150 S `cm^(2) "mol"^(-1)` respectively. The `A^(@)` for NaBr is:
A. `278 S cm^(2) mol^(-1)`
B. `176 S cm^(2) mol^(-1)`
C. `128 S cm^(2) mol^(-1)`
D. `302 s cm^(2) mol^(-1)`

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Correct Answer - C
`^^_(NaBr)^(@) = lambda_(Na)^(@) +lambda_(CI^(-))^(@) - lambda_(K^(+))^(@) +lambda_(Br^(-))^(@) - lambda_(R^(+))^(@) -lambda_(CI^(-))^(@)`
`=lambda_(NaCI)^(@) +lambda^(@) KBr - lambda^(@) KCI`
`= (126 +152 -150) S cm^(2) mol^(-1)`
`= 128 S cm^(2) mol^(-1)`

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