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Fill in the blanks:

i. ______ is a complete ecosystem.

(Soil, Humus, weathered rocks)

ii. Food crops like jowar and bajra are produced in the _____ soils of Maharashtra Plateau. 

(regur, coarse, laterite)

iii. The local agriculture produce determines the _______ diet of the people. 

(staple, supplementary, secondary)

iv. The proportion of humus is negligible in _____ soil. 

(coarse, black, laterite)

v. Planting trees can also control the _____ of the wind. 

(velocity, direction, temperature)

vi. Rocks like granite or gneiss in South India give rise to ____ soil. 

(black, red, regur)

vii. In the humid climate of western Sahyadris the leaching of basalt rocks leads to formation of ___ soil. 

(black, lateritic, red)

viii. The excessive spraying of chemicals and use of chemical fertilizers lead to ______; 

(soil degradation soil fertility, soil powder)

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i. Soil

ii. regur

iii. staple

iv. coarse

v. velocity

vi. red

vii. lateritic

viii. soil degradation

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