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In a second ODI match between England and India Bhuwnesh kumar bowled his medium fast bowling. He starts his run up from the distance of `50m` from the stumps (bowling end) and at the time of bowling a ball,his speed is `36(km)//(hr)` and the speed of ball is `144(km)//(hr)`.
If his mass is `70 kg` and mass of the ball is `(1)/(4)kg` and the heat produce in his body is one tenth of the total work done by him, then
Energy spent by bowler in throwing one ball is `:-`
A. `3500` `J`
B. `200` `J`
C. `4070` `J`
D. `3700` `J`

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Correct Answer - C
work done
`=3700 J`
Heat produced `=3700xx(1)/(10)=370 J`
energy produced `=3700+370=4070 J`

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