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(i) Which organ of the human body is initially affected when bitten by an infected female Anopheles? Name the stage of the parasite that infects this organ.

(ii) Explain the events that are responsible for chill and high fever in the patient.

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(i) Liver cells, sporozoites.

(ii) Parasites reproduce asexually in RBC/ multiply, Rupture of RBCs, is associated with release of toxic substance called as hemozoin.


The infected female anopheles is the carrier of malaria parasite called Plasmodium. When bitten by this carrier the liver is initially affected. The infective stage of Plasmodium is sporozoite which is injected into the blood by female anopheles. From blood the sporozoites reach the liver cells where they multiply in liver cells. Tire liver cells rupture and liberate the parasite in blood where they attack RBCs. multiply and cause their rupture. Rupture of RBCs is associated with the release of a toxin called as hemozoin, which causes chill and high fever recurring every 3-4 days.

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