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Write the changes a fertilized ovule undergoes within the ovary in an angiosperm plant.

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A fertilized ovule undergoes the following changes in the ovary in an angiosperm plant :

Unfertilized ovule  → Fertilized ovule  → Seed

Funiculus  → Present

Hilum  →  Present

Integument  → Seed coat

Outer integument  → Testa

Inner integument  → Tegmen

Chalaza       →  Present

Micropyle   → Present

Nucellus   →  Absent or present as perisperm

Embryo Sac :

Antipodal cells → Degenerate

Synergid cell  → Degenerate

Secondary nucleus  → Endosperm

Egg      →  Embryo

When the unfertilized ovule undergoes double fertilization, it makes fertilized ovule and then seeds.  In this process funiculus and hilum are present. Outer integument makes testa and inner integument is tegmen. Chalaza and micropyle are present but nucellus is absent, partly persists as perisperm. In embryo sac antipodals and synergids degenerate. The central cell makes endosperm, cl'ranges into embryo.

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