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Explain the efforts which must be put in to improve health, hygiene and milk field of cattle in dairy farm.

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Following efforts must be put in mainly to improve health,. hygiene and milk yield of cattle in dairy farm. 

(i) The cattle should be housed well in well ventilated sheds with adequate water supply. 

(ii) There must be cleanliness and hygiene of both the cattle as well as the handlers while milking and transport.

(iii) Regular visit by veterinary doctors must be ascertained so as to keep the cattle healthy and disease free. 

(iv) Feeding should be carried out in a most scientific manner with special emphasis on quality and quantity of fodder and the hygienic conditions. 

(v) Breeding is necessary for improving the milk yield. 

(vi) Selection of high yielding and disease resistant breed should be arranged. 

(vii) Regular inspection and keeping updated record of all the activities of dairy is necessary.

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