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Describe the T.S. of human testic and explain the process of spermatogenesis.

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Histological structure of testis :
(a) The external covering of testis is a fibrous connective tissue called tunica albuginea.
(b) Then there is an incomplete pertioneal covering called tunica vaginalis.
© Interior to this there is a covering called tunica vascularis formed by capillaries.
(d) The testis si composed of many seminiferous tubules that are lined by cuboidal germinal epithelial cells.
(e) In the seminiferous tubulas various stages of developing sperms are seen as spermatogenesis takes place here. These are spermatogonia, primary and secondary spermatocytes, spermateds and sperms.
(f) Interrupted between germinal eptihelium are large pyramidal subtentacular cells, nurse cells or sertoli cells provide nourishment to the sperms till maturation.
(g) In between the seminiferous tubules there are itnerstitial cells of leyding which are endorine in nature. They secrete testosterone.
Spermatogenesis : The process by which sperms are formed is called spermatogenesis.
(a) In the testis, i.e, male gonads there are seminferous tubules which are lined by germinal epithelium.
(b) Cells of germinal epithelium undergo spermatogenesis and form sperms.
(c ) In between the germinal cells there are nurse cells or cells of sertoli which provide nourishment to teh develping sperms.

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