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The power of a motor pump is 2 kw.How much water per minute the pump can raise to a height of 10m?(GIVEN G=10m/s)

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Given, power of pump = 2kW =2000W

Time (t)= 60sec

Height (h) = 10m

g = 10m/s2

As you know, power =work done per unit time.

Work done = mgh = m ×10×10 =100m

Therefore, 2000W = 100m/60s

Therefore, m = 1200kg

So, the pump can raise 1200kg of water in one minute.

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2 kW is equal to 2 x 1000 W (as 1 kW = 1000 W). 
work = mgh, where m = mass , g=acceleration due to gravity( usually 9.8 or 10 ) and h= height. 
Power = work/time 
work done = m x 10 x 10. 
work done = m x 100 J (joule). 
power = J/sec (work/time). 
2000 = 100m/60 as 1 minute is equal to 60 sec. 
2000 x 60 = 100m 
m=1200 kg 
1200 kg = 1200 liter ( here water is being raised so in water 1 kg will be equal to 1 liter) 

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