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Solve the following word problems:

(1) What is the perimeter of a rectangle having length 9 cm and its breadth 6 cm?

(2) The sides of a rectangular field are having length 150 m and breadth 100 m. Find the perimeter of field.

(3) If each side of a square is 8 cm then what is the perimeter of the square?

(4) A rectangular garden of length 650 m and breadth 350 m. Mohan makes four rounds daily. How many kilometres does he walk everyday?

(5) One square field is having one side of it is of 225 m, Soham makes 6 rounds of the square field daily. How much distance is covered by him? Write it in km and m.

(6) A rectangular field whose length is 58 m and breadth is 32 m. Fencing the field by 4 rounds with a wire, what length of wire is required? If the cost of 1 m wire is ? 75, then what is the expenditure of fencing the field?

(7) A length of a rectangular classroom is 8 m and its breadth is 5 m. A wooden strip is to be fitted along the four walls to hang charts and pictures. What is the length of the wooden strip required?

(8) The side of a square table is 1.5 m. To fit a strip of tin sheet around the table, how many metres of strip is required?

(9) What is the perimeter of the triangle whose sides are 13.8 cm, 17.6 cm and 10.6 cm?

(10) The sides of some squares are given below. Find their areas.

(i) 11 cm 

(ii) 23 cm 

(iii) 9 cm

(11) Find the perimeter and area of the following:

(i) square of side 6 cm 

(ii) Rectangle: length 12 cm and breadth 6 cm

(12) A rectangular land is having its length 25 m and breadth 16 m. If the cost of 1 sq.m, land is ? 1,500, then what will be cost of land?

(13) The side of a square plot is 10 metre. It is tiled at the rate of 50 rupees per sq.m. What will be cost of tiling the floor?

(14) A wall of length 25 m and breadth 12 m. It is painted at the rate of 60 rupees per sq.m. What will be cost of painting the wall?

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(1) 30 cm 

(2) 500 m 

(3) 32 cm 

(4) 8 km 

(5) 5 km 400 m 

(6) ₹ 54,000 

(7) 26 m 

(8) 6 m 

(9) 42 cm 

(10) (i) 121 sq. cm 

(ii) 529 sq.cm

(iii) 81sq.cm.

(11) (i) Perimeter = 24 cm, Area = 36 sq.cm, 

(ii) Perimeter = 36 cm, Area = 72 sq. cm

(12) 6,00,000 rupees 

(13) 5,000 rupees 

(14) t 18,000

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