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Form groups of five and discuss. There are many things that seem small, minor or insignificant to some people but the same may be the cause of great pain, suffering for others. 

Can you list such things? What can you do to provide help on these occasions? What do we do?

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1. Some people may not give a lot of importance to money while there are others who are dying due to hunger and starvation. They are so poor that they cannot afford their basic needs, 

2. We should help organize food for the poor and the needy. We can request NGOs to help them. 

3. Some people leave the taps open and wastewater while there are thousands who are deprived of drinking water. We should create awareness about the need to save water and ensure that we do all we can to help people overcome water scarcity. 

4. Many people visit restaurants and waste food. They do it at home too, At the same time, there are so many people who sometimes starve to death. 

5. We can request hotels and restaurants to donate a part of whatever they prepare each day to those in need. (Students may add their ideas to the list)

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