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In Koyna hydroelectric power station, water stored at a height of 600 metre fall on the turbine blades and the water flow avilable is `100 m^(3)//s`. The efficiency of the turbine generator is 50%. What is the power available from the power station? `[g=10 m//s^(2)]`
A. 150 MW
B. 200 MW
C. 250 MW
D. 300 MW

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Correct Answer - D
`h=600m`, Volume of water`//`sec = `100 m^(3)//s`
`rho_("water") = 10^(3) kg//m^(3)`
Hydroelectric power = `rho gh xx Av`
`= rho gh xx "Volume of water flowing"//sec`
[where `V = av]`
`= 10^(3) xx 10 xx 600 xx 100 = 6 xx 10^(8)W`
`=600 xx 10^(6)W = 600` Megawatt
But the efficiency of the generator = 50 %
`:.` Available power = `600 xx 1/2 = 300 MW`.

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