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A heap of the rice is in the form of cone. Its diameter is 12 m, height is 8 m, then the volume is …………

(A) 200.5 

(B) 300.14 

(C) 301.44 Cu. m 

(D) 200.15 Cu. m

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Correct option is: (C) 301.44 Cu. m

Diameter of cone is 2r = 12 m

\(\therefore\) Radius of cone is r = 6 cm and height of the cone is h = 8 m.

\(\therefore\) Volume of heap = volume of cone 

\(\frac 13 \) \(\pi r^2\)h = \(\frac 13 \) \(\times\)3.14 \(\times\)\(\times\) 6 \(\times\)8

= 96 \(\times\) 3.14 

= 301.44 \(m^3\)

Hence, the volume of the heap is 301.44 cubic metre

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Correct option is: (C) 301.44 Cu. m

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