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Justify the placement of O, S, Se, Te and Po in the same group of the periodic table in terms of electronic configuration, oxidation states and hydride formation.

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The members of the oxygen family are placed in group 16 of p-block. Their inclusion in the same group is justified on the basis of following characteristics.
1. Electronic configuration. Members of the family has `ns^(2)p^(4)` configuration. Their group (10+6) is 16.
2. Oxidation states. With exception of oxygen which exhibits -2 oxidation state in its compounds `(OF_(2) " and " H_(2)O_(2)` are exceptions), rest of the members of the family show varible oxidation states `(-2, +2, +4, +6)` in their compounds.
3. Hydride formation. All the members of the family form covalent hydrides `(MH_(2))` in which the central atom is `sp^(3)` hybridised. These have angular structures and their characteristics show regular gredation.

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