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In a mid-day meal programme, an NGO wants to provide vitamin rich diet to the students of an MCD school. The dietician of the NGO wishes to mix two types of food in such a way that vitamin contains of the mixture contains at least 8 units of vitamin A and 10 units of vitamin C Food 1 contains 2 units per kg of vitamin A and 1 unit per kg of vitamin C. Food 2 contains 1 unit per kg of vitamin A and 2 units per ks of vitamin C. It costs Rs.50 per kg to purchase Food 1 and Rs. 70 per kg to purchase Food 2. Formulate the problem as LPP and solve it graphically for the minimum cost of such a mixture ?

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Let x kg of Food 1 be mixed  with y kg of Food 2. Then the minimize, the cost, C =  50x+70y

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