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A company produces two different products. One of them needs 1/4 of an hour of assemble work per unit, 1/8  of an hour in quality control work and Rs.1.2 in raw materials. The other other product requires 1/3 of an of hour assembly work per unit, 1/3 of an hour in quality control work and Rs. 0.9 in raw materials. Given the current availability of staff in the company, each day there is at most a total of 90 hours available for assembly and 80 hours for quality control. The first product described has a market value (sale price) of  Rs.9 per unit and the second product described has a market value (sale price) of Rs. 8 per unit. In addition, the maximum amount of daily sales for the first product is estimated to be 200 units, without there being a maximum limit of daily sales for the second product. Formulate and solve graphically the LPP and find the maximum profit.

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Let. x = the number of units, of Product  1 to be Produced daily

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