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In order to supplement daily diet, a person wishes to take X and Y tablets. The contents (in milligrams per tablet) of iron, calcium and vitamins in X and Y are given as below.

The person needs to supplement at least 18 milligrams of iron, 21 milligrams of calcium and 16 milligrams of vitamins. The price of each tablet of X and Y is Rs. 2 and Rs.1, respectively. How many tablets of each type should the person take in order to satisfy the above requirement at the minimum cost ? Make an LPP and solve graphically.

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Let the person takes x tablets of type X and Y tablets of type Y.

According to the given conditions,  we have

The shaded region AGHF represents the feasible  region of the given LPP. The corner points of the  feasible region are A(0, 9), G(1,, 9), H(6, 1) and F(8, 0).  The values of the objective function at these points  are given in the following table :

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