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Three machines E1, E2 and E3 in a certain factory producing electric bulbs, produce 50%, 25% and 25% respectively, of the total daily output of electric bulbs. It is known that 4% of the bulbs produced by each of machines E1 and E2 are defective and that 5% of those produced by machine E3 are defective. If one bulb is picked up at random from a day's production, calculate the probability that it is defective.

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Let  A1 : Event that the bulb is produced by machine E1

A2 : Event that the bulb is produced by machine E2

A3 : Event that the bulb is produced by machine E3

A : Event that the picked up bulb is defective

 Here,   P(A1) = 50% = 50/100 = 1/2,

.'. The probability that the picked bulb is defective,

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