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The force required  to separate  two glass plates of area 10-2 with a film of water 0.05mm thick between them is ( surface tension of water is 70×10-3 N/m)





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2 Answers

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 Force required to separate the plates 

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Option (A) is correct

Here force required to separate the glass plates is

F = (2TA)/d ,

where T= surface tension = 70×10-3 N/m

A = area of each glass plate = 10-2 m2

d = thickness of water film = 0.05mm= 0.05×10-3 m

So F = (2×70×10-3×10-2 ) /(0.05×10-3 )=28N

For more detail please see the video


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Thankyou  for   this video for better understanding  .

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