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Compounds such as alcohols and glucose also contain hydrogen but are not categorised as acids. Describe an activity to prove it.

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Although alcohols and glucose contain hydrogen but they are not ionised to give H+ ions in solution. So, they are not considered as acid.
1. Collect solutions of hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid,  glucose and alcohol.
2. Take a beaker of 100 ml
3. Now, take a cork and fix two nails on it as shown in figure.
4. Place this cork in the beaker.
5. Connect the nails to the two terminals of a 6-volt battery through a bulb and a switch.
6. Now, pour dilute H2SO4 
in the beaker so that the nails Nail are immersed in the acid. Switch on the current.
7. Repeat the experiment with dilute hydrochloric acid, glucose and alcohol solutions.
8. What do you observe
9. Does the bulb glow in all cases?
It is observed that the bulb will glow in case of hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid, but not in the case of alcohol and glucose.

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