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Answer the following questions:
(a) The motion of a simple pendulum is approximately simple harmonic for small angle oscillation. For larger angles of oscilliation, a more involved analysis shows that `T` is greater than `2pisqrt((t)/(g))` Think of a qualitative argument to appreciate this result.
(b) What is the frequency of oscillation of a simple pendulum mounted in a cabin that is freely falling under gravity ?

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Correct Answer - (a) `sin theta lt theta` ; if the restoring force, `mg sin theta` is replaced by `mgtheta`, this amounts to effective reduction in `g` for large angels and hence an increase in time period `T` over that given by the formula `T = 2pisqrt((l)/(g))` where one assume `sin theta = theta`.
(b) Gravity disappears for a man under free fall, so frequency is zero.

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