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Write a note on the term "Knockout". Make a Knockout fixture for 16 teams.

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Knockout: In this type of tournament the team which is defeated once gets eliminated immediately and is not given another chance to play. The total number of matches to be played in this tournament will be equal to the number of teams participating minus one, (n - 1). For example, if 12 teams are participating, the total matches will be 12 - 1 = 11. 

Fixture for 16 Teams: Now when we have to make a fixture for 16 teams. We will divide them into two halves. Because number of teams is even i.e., 16 then the teams in upper half will be n/2 = 16/2 = 8 and the teams in lower half will be n/2 = 16/2 = 8

Therefore, teams in each half will be 8. As per the rule of bye system i.e.,, power of two, in this case bye shall not be given.

Knockout fixture for 16 teams:

For each match, date, time and specified court number or place will be given. Number of Knockout matches is always one less than number of participating teams i.e.,here 16 teams are participating so matches shall be 15 and number of rounds are 4.

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