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Explain any two methods of drawing fixture for single league tournament.

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There are three methods of drawing fixture for single league tournament: 

(a) Cyclic method. 

(b) Tabular method. 

(c) Staircase method.

(a) Cyclic method: Suppose the number of teams = 8

Number of matches = n(n-1)/2 = 8(8-1)/2 = 8(7)/2 = 56/2 = 28 matches

Number of Rounds = n -1 = 8 - 1 = 7

If number of teams participating are in even numb er i.e.,2, 4, 6, 8, etc, then number one is fixed and other numbers are rotated clockwise.


In case number of teams participating are odd number i.e., 1,3,5,7 etc, then Bye is fixed, and all other teams rotate clockwise. 

(b) Tabular method: In this method, the fixtures are drawn in tabular form. The number of columns shall be drawn horizontally as well as vertically. The number of columns depends on number of teams, i.e., even or odd. 

For even number of teams, the number of columns shall be n + 1 and byes shall not be given. Whereas for odd number of teams, number of columns shall be n + 2 and bye shall be given.

Procedure for drawing columns:

(a) Draw required number of columns horizontally and vertically. 

(b) Draw a line diagonally from the left topmost corner to the opposite right bottom corner. Fixture for B teams 

Number of columns n + 1 = 8 + 1 = 9 

Number of rounds n - 7 = 7 

The numbers that are entered in the squares indicate the particular round in which the concerned teams have to play. Enter the number serially in horizontal column from number 1 onwards.

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