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What is Consolation Tournament? Explain different types of consolation tournaments?

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Consolation: It provides a chance to the defeated teams to play again and show their skill/performance and win subsidiary honours. We know the fact that in single knockout tournament a good team may get itself eliminated by chance or by other reason it does not have another chance to show its real worth, therefore, consolation tournaments are suggested. 

Types of consolation: These are of two types. 

Consolation tournament type I. 

Consolation tournament type II. 

Consolation tournament type I: In this type of tournament all the teams that were defeated in the first round of regular single elimination tournament and the teams that got byes in the first round but were defeated in second round will play among themselves in consolation tournament for subsidiary honours. These are also called double Knockout tournament. 

If a bye has to be given in consolation tournament, it shall be given by lots and preferably to the team that has not enjoyed the bye in regular rounds. 

For Example: Number of teams in type 

I consolation is = 13 

Number of teams in upper half = 7 

Lower half = 6

Number of byes = 76 - 73 = 3 

Number of byes in upper half = 1 

Number of Byes in lower half = 2

Consolation Tournament Type II: In this type of tournament, every loser of regular round will have an opportunity to play in the consolation round to win the subsidiary honours. The arrangement of the teams should be such that teams that meet in regular rounds, do not meet in early rounds of the consolation.

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