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What is a league tournament? Draw a fixture for seven teams using round robin method.

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League Tournaments: These are also called round robin tournament. In a league tournament, the teams/players are treated at par. Whether the team/player wins a match or loses, the team will get a chance to play with every other team. It is of two types.

(a) Single league tournament 

(b) Double league tournament n( n - 1)

Such kind of tournament produces a true winner.

Fixture for seven teams using round robin method

Number of teams (n) = 7 

Rounds = n = 7

Matches = 7(7-1)/2 = 21 matches

Fixture with the help of cyclic method:


Fixture with the help of step method:

Winner is declared as per the point system.

Win - 2 points

Draw - 1 points

Lose - 0 points

The points are added for all the played matches. The team which scores maximum points will be declared as winner.

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