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Calculate the boiling point of solution when 4g of Mg `SO_(4) (M=120g "mol"^(-1))` was dissolved in 100g of water, assuming `MgSO_(4)` undergoes complete ionization
`(K_(b) " for water " = 0.52 K " kg mol"^(-1))`

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`DeltaT_(b) = iK_(b) xx m`
`T_(S)- Ti = (i xx 0.52 xx WB)/(M_(g) xx W_(A)(Kg))`
`i=2, M_(B) = 120 g//"mol" W_(B) = 4g, W_(A) = 100`
`T_(S) - 100= (2 xx 0.52 xx 4 xx 1000)/(120 xx 100)`
`T_(S)-100 = 0.346`
`T_(S) = 100+0.346`
`T_(S) = 100.346 ""^(@)C`

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