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Two radioactive elements A and B are present in a mixture. Both are beta active. Half lives of A and B are 30 minute and 60 minute respectively. The initial activity of the sample hour only 30 beta particles were detected in an interval of 2 second. Assume that law of radioactivity decay is obeyed.
(a) Find the ratio of number of active of A to that of B in the mixture initially.
(b) The molar mass of both A and B is closed to 200g. The mixture contains other substance (non radioactive) aprt from A and B. what fraction of the entire mixure is radioactive (fraction by weight) if it is given what mass of the mixture is `1mug`.

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1 Answer

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Correct Answer - (a) `(1)/(2)` (b) `5.2xx10^(-11)`

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