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Sixteen players `S_(1)`, `S_(2)`, `S_(3)`,…,`S_(16)` play in a tournament. Number of ways in which they can be grouped into eight pairs so that `S_(1)` and `S_(2)` are in different groups, is equal to
A. `((14)!)/(2^(6)*6!)`
B. `((15)!)/(2^(7)*7!)`
C. `((14)!)/(2^(7)*6!)`
D. `((14)!)/(2^(6)*7!)`

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Correct Answer - A
`(a)` Required number of ways
`=("Number of ways in which" 16 "players can be divided in" `8` "couples")-("Number of ways when" S_(1) "and" S_(2) "are in the same group")`

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