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What are the benefits of physical activity for children with special need?

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Children with special need help and guidance while performing various activities. Some of the benefits of physical activities are: 

(a) There is improvement in muscle strength, coordination and flexibility. 

(b) Improve exercise endurance, cardiovascular efficiency and increase life expectancy. 

(c) One experiences better balance, moter skills and body awareness. 

(d) Research has shown that physical education programmes can do a great deal to improve the lifestyle of children with special needs.

(e) help control obesity. 

(f) Improve self-esteem and social skills. 

(g) encourage an active lifestyle. 

(h) promote positive advancements in students with special needs. 

(i) Physical activity improves general mood and self-confidence. 

(j) help them to develop the skills they need. 

(k) There is development of better motor skills and enhanced physical health that helps individual to fight back disability. 

(l) help establish new friendships and channel energy. 

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