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Explain the strategies to make physical activities accessible for children with special need.

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Various strategies involved are:

(a) Fun activities for children with Autism: Craft activity is fun for everyone, the opportunity to explore, colour, shape and sensory experiences can stimulate attention and faster calmness. 

(b) Adaptive Physical Activity for Students with Cerebral Palsy: When putting adaptions into place, the planning, equipment and environment for physical education classes should be such that ensure enjoyment and success for a child. 

(c) Help Reduce Hyperactivity in children with ADHD : To help a child learn to manage or reduce hyperactivity includes strategies to help lower physical activity levels and to calm thoughts. 

(d) Selecting and Adapting toys and Games as per their Interest: An Adapted toy, can provide children with disability the same play opportunities, simplify the rules of the game and setting up the play environment. 

(e ) Different Methods of Instructions: Teachers must adjust and vary their approach based on the skills and unique learning needs. Instructions should be focused on the abilities of each student. Teacher must accomodate many levels of functioning and learning within each group of students. 

(f) Universal Design for learning : The universal design approach provides a framework for creating instructional goals, methods, materials and assessment that work for every one. 

(g) Consider different Approaches to Mobility: Making outdoor programs accessible for disabled. Once you gain some regularity in getting children out in green environments you will start seeing the results in their level of self-esteem focus and participation in social settings. 

(h) Arranging Positive learning Environment: Children who have additional needs often require the environment to be adopted to maximise their participation in the planned manner.

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