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Explain the factors affecting motor development in detail.

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There are various factors which affect the motor development in children. They are: 

(a) Heredity: The motor development largely depends on the genetic factors. Children get genetic traits of development from their parents. It includes height, weight, muscle mass etc. 

(b) Environment: Healthy environment provides encouragement and security. Encouragement by the parents leads to sensory and motor development. Children who get more opportunities for playful activities have much better motor development than those who are less exposed to educational environment. 

(c) Regular physical activity: Regular physical activity in the form of yogal calisthenics/aerobics/participation in games and sports always promote motor development. These are necessary for basic foundation of life. It makes the child confident with good development of strength speed and endurance. 

(d) Nutrition: For the growth of mind and body, nutritious and balanced diet is important. Children who eat balanced and nutritious food are mentally strong and healthy, whereas those who do not get nutritious food remain weak forever. It directly affects the physical and psychological development of children. 

(e) Immunization: It is very important for both mother and children. It always facilitates better sensory motor development. Many diseases/flaws can be prevented by proper immunization, otherwise it can create barriers to the harmonious development.

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