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It's an era of networking Almost everyone and everything is connected through one way or the other, hats off to the technology. We have never been so much linked as we are today. 

Daniel has just started his hands on practice of networking. Help him in the following : 

(i) He has just connected 10 computers of his resource room to establish a network' Name the network (LAN/MANT/PAN/WAN) which will be formed. Mention any two main benefits which Daniel could achieve by establishing a network. 

(ii) Help him in identifying the correct topology which has following characteristics:

Its very easy to diagnose the fault in this topology. 

Failure of central hub/switch leads to failure of the entire network. 

Depict the topology by drawing the diagram showing 4 interconnected computers through central hub/switch.

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(i) LAN

Benefits of networking:

(a) Resource sharing

(b) Cost Saving

(ii) Star Topology

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