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Ishika Industries has set up its new production unit and sales office at Ranchi. The company compound has 4 buildings as shown in the diagram given :

Distances between these buildings are as follows:

Administrative Office to Factory A150 m
Factory A to Factory B50 m
Factory B to Sales Office100 m
Sales Office to Administrative Office200 m
Administrative Office to Factory B125 m

Number of Computers in each of the buildings as follows :

Administrative Office15
Factory A25
Factory B18
Sales Office15

(i) Suggest a cable layout of connections between the buildings so that each building is directly connected to Administrative Office.

(ii) Suggest the most suitable place (i.e. building) to house the server of this production unit with a suitable reason.

(iii) Suggest the placement of the following devices with justification:

(a) Repeater

(b) Hub/Switch

(iv) The Administrative Office of this unit is to be linked with the head office situated in Patiala (Punjab). What will be the most economical way to do this? justify your answer.

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(i) Star Topology. 

(ii) Factory A can house the server as it has the maximum number of computers. Since all buildings are connected to the administrative office, the server can also be housed there. 

(iii) (a) Repeater is required between Administrative office and sales office as the distance is more. 

(b) Hub/Switch is required in all blocks. 

(iv) Radiowaves can be used as they are economical.

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