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Consider the following scenario: 

Center to center distances between various buildings as per architectural drawings (in meters) is as follows:

Main Building to Resource Building120 m
Main Building to Training Building40 m
Main Building to Accounts Building135 m
Resource Building to Training Building125 m
Resource Building to Accounts Building45 m
Training Building to Accounts Building110 m

Expected number of computers in each building is as follows :

Main Building15
Resource Building25
Training Building250
Accounts Building10

(i) Suggest a cable layout of connection between the buildings. 

(ii) Suggest the most suitable place (i.e. building) to house the server of this NGO. Also provide a suitable reason for your suggestion. 

(iii) Suggest the placement of the following devices with justification: 



(iv) The NGO is planning to connect its International office situated in Delhi. Which out of following wired communication links, will you suggest for very high speed connectivity? 

(i) Telephone Analog Line 

(ii) Optical Fibre 

(iii) Ethernet Cable 

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(ii) Max. no of computers (250) in training building so the server can be placed here. 

(iii) Every building has more than 2 computers, so hub is required in every building. 

Repeaters are used if distance is greater than 70m so repeater is required between training and accounts building.

(iv) Optical fiber has the highest speed of connectivity.

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