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Suggest any five physical exercises as corrective measures for Kyphosis and Lordosis.

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(a) Five physical exercises as corrective measure for Kyphosis are: 

(i) Improve your habit and be alert while you sit, stand or walk. 

(ii) Interlock your finger behind back and pull your shoulders upward and backward. 

(iii) Rotate your shoulders in backward directions only.

(iv) Bhujangasana is recommended. 

(v) One must do regular physical activities so that leaning forward habit would disappear and special exercises for abdomen and shoulder stretching need to be done.

(b) five physical exercises as connective measure for Lordosis are: 

(i) It is necessary to develop the strength in abdominal muscles. 

(ii) Exercise should be undertaken to control position of pelvis.

(iii) Lying on your back and lifting feet vertically overhead. 

(iv) Perform Halasana. 

(v) Perform Paschimuttan asana. 

(vi) Sitting on a chair/table and bringing the hear/nose close to the knees. 

(vii) Do sit-ups slowly.

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