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Complete the following statement :

(i) At times, a lack of capacity to achieve the goal urges individuals to readjust their goals. This is known as _______ 

(A) withdrawal 

(B) compromise 

(C) attack

(ii) _____________ theory of Psychoanalysis is the base of defence mechanisms.

(A) Freud’s 

(B) Selye’s 

(C) Webster’s

(iii) _________ operates on two energies. 

(A) Ego 

(B) ID 

(C) Superego

(iv) __________ is an indirect way to deal with stress. 

(A) Psychoanalysis 

(B) Problem-focused coping 

(C) Defence mechanism

(v) In _________, the material can be recalled up to a certain extent. 

(A) suppression 

(B) repression 

(C) sublimation

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(i) (B) compromise

(ii) (A) Freud’s

(iii) (B) ID

(iv) (C) Defence mechanism

(v) (A) suppression

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