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Sue, in the story The Last Leaf took care of Johnsy and nursed her back to health like a true friend. Prepare the character sketch of Sue.

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Sue was an artist who had come to New York to earn her living. She met Johnsy at a restaurant and both became good friends. They shared the same apartment. 

Sue was a loyal friend. She was devoted to Johnsy. She wanted her to recover. It pained her heart to see Johnsy in such a bad condition. The doctor had said that she had only one in ten chance to survive and that chance was Johnsy's wish to live. After the doctor left, Sue cried a lot. She was very sad but she didn't show it to her friend. She always said words of hope and reassurance in front of her. Never once did she say a negative word to her. She was very kind and considerate. She wanted Johnsy to come out of her ill-health. She nursed her like her own sister. When she noticed the frustration in Johnsy, she went to Mr. Behrman and asked for his help. 

She was very happy when he painted a leaf hanging on the vine. It worked wonders and was a ray of hope for Johnsy who recovered after few days. The whole credit goes to Sue who was firmly determined to help Johnsy come out of the jaws of death.

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