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Explain the Barrow's three General motor fitness test in detail.

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Harrold M. barrow examined the general motor fitness of college men and declared the norms for grading the individual. The three test item included are:- 

(a) Zig-Zag Run 

(b) Standing broad jump. 

(c) Medicine ball throw 

(a) Zig-Zag Run: 

Purpose: To test power, speed, quickness and body control in multiple planes of movement. The test also assess lower extremity control. 

Equipment: Measuring tape, two stop watches, five cones 


(i) Set up the path, which is 3 by 4.85 m and marked with coloured tape on the floor, and place cones in every corner. 

(ii) Subject stands behind starting line. On the signal "Ready go" the subject start running in zig-zag way. 

(iii) The subject runs one lap as fast as possible around the zig-zag path. 

(iv) If the subject does not round all cones in completing the one full lap. require him/her to rest and then Retest is done. 

(v) Record the time to perform one full lap around the path to the nearest tenth of 9 second. 

Scoring: Time taken to finish zig-zag run and as per the norms grading is done.

(b) Standing long/broad jump: 

Purpose: To measure explosive power of the legs. 

Equipment: Measuring tape, non-slipery floor, mat 


(i) Stand behind marked starting line. 

(ii) Feet slightly apart

(iii) Swing your arms back and forth rthymically and bend the knees. 

(iv) The athlete takes off and lands using both feet, arm swing and bend knees provide forward drive. 

(v) The subject attempts to land as far as possible. 

(vi) Landing on both the feet without falling backwards. 

(vii) Three attempts are allowed 

Scoring: The measurement is taken from take offline to the nearest point of contact on the landing (Back of the heels). The best of three attempt is recorded and as per rating scale grading is done. 

(c) Medicine Ball throw test 

Purpose: To measure upper body strength and explosive power. 

Equipment: Medicine ball for Boys 3 kg and for girls 1 kg, measuring tape, safe place and an Assistant. 


(i) Warm up thoroughly 

(ii) Stand with both feet behind a marked line 

(iii) Hold the ball overhead with two hands. 

(iv) Throw the ball as far as possible. 

(v) Take three attempts and record the best score. 

Scoring: Measure the distance covered by the subject and as per the norms grading is done. 

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General Motor Fitness Test :

Barrow’s Three-items General Motor Ability Test Motor abilities play a very vital role in achieving apex position in games and sports. Motor fitness involves speed, agility, power, coordination, strength and so on. These components of fitness are necessary for competing at top levels.

For measuring general motor fitness, the three-item test battery of Barrow is used. In this test, a battery of three items such as standing broad jump, zig-zag run and medicine ball throw is used to measure the general motor ability of an individual.

The details of administration of these tests are described below:

1. Standing Broad Jump (for measuring leg strength) Equipment and material: A mat of 5 × 12 feet and a measuring taps, if the mat is unmarked.

Procedure: A take-off line is marked on the ground. The subject stands just behind the take-off line with the feet several inches apart. The subject swings the arms and bends the knees to take a jump in the long jump pit. Three trials are given to the subject. The distance is measured from the take-off line to the heel or another part of the body that touches the ground nearest to the take-off line. All jumps are measured and the best one is recorded.

2. Zig-Zag Run (for measuring agility and speed) Equipment and material: Stopwatch, five obstacles and space enough to accommodate the 16 × 10 feet course.

Procedure: The subject begins from a standing start on the command to run. The subject runs the prescribed pattern stated to him as quickly as he can without gasping. Three complete circuits are run. The stopwatch is started when the command to run is given and stopped immediately when the subject crosses the finish line. The time is recorded to the nearest tenth of a second. Before running the zig& zag run, the subject should warm up properly. The subject should wear proper fitting shoes with good traction to avoid blisters and slipping. Demonstration of the pattern of the course should be given by the administrator before the beginning of the run.

3. Medicine Ball Put (for measuring arm and shoulder strength)

Equipment and material: A medicine ball and measuring taps.

Procedure: The subject stands between two restraining lines which are 16 feet apart. In the case of girls, a medicine ball of 1 kg is provided, whereas in the case of boys a medicine ball of 3 kg is provided to be put. After that, he/she attempts to put the medicine ball out as far as possible without crossing the restraining line. He/she should hold the medicine ball at the junction of the neck and shoulder then the ball should be put straight down the course. Three trials are given to him/her. The best of three trials is recorded. The distance is computed to the nearest foot. A put in which the subject commits a foul is not scored. However, if all the trials are fouls, a subject he/she should try until he/she make a fair put.

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