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How did Non-Cooperation movement start with participation of middle class people in the cities? Explain its impact on the economic front.

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Participation of middle class people and its impact –

(i) The movement started with middle class participation in the cities.

(ii) Thousands of students left government controlled schools and colleges.

(iii) Head Masters and teachers resigned.

(iv) Lawyers gave up their legal practice.

(v) The Council election was boycotted in most of the provinces.

(vi) Any other relevant point.

Any two points to be explained. 

Economic Impact –

(i) Liquor shops picketed.

(ii) Foreign goods were boycotted.

(iii) Production of Indian textile mills and handlooms went up.

(iv) Import of goods declined.

(v) Any other relevant point.

Any three points to be explained. 

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