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Why was Congress reluctant to allow women to hold any position of authority within the organisation? How did women participate in Civil Disobedience Movement? Explain.

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Congress reluctant in participation of women – 

(i) Congress was keen only on the symbolic presence of women within the organization. 

(ii) Gandhiji was convinced that it was the duty of women to look after home and hearth, be good mothers and good wives. 

(iii) Any other relevant point.  

Participation of women in Civil Disobedience Movement – 

(i) During Gandhiji’s Salt March, thousands of women came out of their homes to participate in protest marches. 

(ii) Manufactured salt and picketed liquor shops. 

(iii) Boycotted foreign goods. 

(iv) Many went to jail. 

(v) Women were from high caste families and from rich peasant households participated. 

(vi) Moved by Gandhiji’s call, they began to see service to nation as a sacred duty of women. 

(vii) Any other relevant point. 

Any three points to be explained 

Detailed Answer : 

The Non-Cooperation-Khilafat Movement was started by the Congress party in January 1921. Initially, this movement started with middle class participation in the cities. Thousands of students, teachers and lawyers gave up their institutions and profession and joined the movement. This movement began in different cities across the country. The Non-Cooperation Movement dramatically affected the economy of British India. The economic effects of Non-Cooperation Movement were as follows – 

(i) As foreign goods and foreign clothes were boycotted, the import of foreign clothes halved between 1921 and 1922, and its value dropping from 102 crore to 57 crore rupees. 

(ii) In many places, merchants and traders refused to trade in foreign goods or invest in foreign trade. 

(iii) As people discarded imported clothes and started to use Indian clothes, production of Indian textile mills and handlooms went up.

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