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Explain various techniques of motivation for better outcome in sports.

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There are various suitable techniques to motivate athletes. These are- 

(a) Coach as a motivator: The method of teaching or coaching adopted by players has an important bearing in motivating them. A good communicative skill accompanied by demonstration exerts a great motivating force and energizes an individual to perform better. Coach plays a major role in clearing the concept of an athlete with praise as well as criticism giving the right feedback.

(b) Competition: Healthy competitions should be organized so that they are satisfied. Competition leads to self-improvement. To compete with other athletes is a psychological motivation where one tries to show his best capabilities against the fixed norms. Competitions bring out best to reach for success in sense of fair competitions respecting regulations. First it should start at low level like interclass. interhouse, interschool. So that spirit of the game is developed. Emphasis should be laid on taking part and not winning. 

(c) Equipment: In the present scenario. equipment provided to an athlete serves as a great motivational technique. Latest gadgets, well maintained ground, good quality equipment (safety) motivate an athlete to practise hard. 

(d) Praise and criticism: Praise is the most powerful tool to motivate. Whether it is verbal or non-verbal it provides a positive feedback and leads to self improvement. This helps an athlete to continue striving hard for future improvement. A simple pat on the back, can do wonders. Sometimes criticism also motivates the athletes because focus is on correcting major errors. Positive and right direction along with criticism gives the accurate feedback. 

(e) Rewards: Rewards have long being used as a method of motivating athletes. Rewards generate interest and enthusiasm among athletes. Rewards include praise, money, trophy. gifts, jobs, recognitions, grades, certificates or medals have a good impact on athletes. This is very helpful in motivating an athlete. 

(f) Scholarship: This is an effective method of encouraging athletes by providing them with scholarships. Good sports persons are given free education along with all other sports facilities. On winning a position they are provided with good scholarships by Government of India. This serves as a better tool for successful performance and sports persons continue working hard towards the next higher goal. 

(g) Punishment: Punishment is also used as a method to motivate athletes. It should be stern enough to change the behaviour. It keeps the athlete on the right track. He must understand that any unfair means or act of indiscipline can spoil his career. Penalizing the athlete sometimes acts as a motivation. It is a negative method to motivate but is a part of the game for successful conduct and behaviour. 

(h) Records of success or progress: It is a moment of great pride highlighting the previous records of success. This motivates to strive hard or even better performance or improving standard. This also helps in sustaining interest and meeting the challenges in life. This method helps keep track of improvement made by him. The new and coming up athletes are also motivated by those records and try to emulate such feats. 

(i) Presence of others: It is a known fact that presence of others has a influence on the performance and motivational level. It includes family, team officials, coach, spectators, fellow competitors. All these serves as a force to focus on performance. By providing exposure to athletes, through competitions in various social settings, their motivational level can be increased. 

(j) Healthy environment: It includes the environment of the player and his surroundings. When one gets a good coach, co-players, good coordination, good team kit, well equipped infrastructure, better climate one overcomes stress and tries to practices and perform better. This healthy environment serves as the most important motivational tool to give the best of results.

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