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What is the role of sports in personality development?

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Physical activities and sports play an important role in the development of personality of an individual. These activities help in shaping up the personality of an individual such as: 

(a) Physical appearance: One of the primary aspects of one's personality is his physical appearance. Both boys and girls are much concerned about how they look. Physical activities are conducive to the growth and development of physique. Workouts in gym are becoming a must for all the youngsters of today. This develops their outer personality which creates a good impression. 

(b) Social interactions: Physical activities and sports provide opportunities of interaction between athletes coming from different regions, speaking different languages, having different castes and religions. This helps an individual to develop multi-dimensional personality. Moral values through sports is responsible for development of sound and ideal character, a very essential attribute of personality. 

(c) Analytic thinking: This mental exercise enhances the intellectual abilities of the participants and broadens their mental horizon. It is well said that physique is of no use if not governed by analytical thinking, analyzing and interpreting new situations. 

(d) Disciplined and assertive: In sports one learns to make sincere efforts, which reflect positively in the development of an individual's personality. Code of discipline is fundamental in learning of any physical activity and effective participation in sports. 

(e) Well balanced individual: Physical activities also provide recreation which go a long way in producing a perfectly happy, satisfied and balanced individual having a pleasing and energetic personality, zest for life experiences. Physical activities and sports are the basic needs of human beings which help in the development of a well balanced personality.

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