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Explain Sheldon's classification of personality and its importance in physical education and sport.

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Sheldon classification of personality: Sheldon based his classification on the temperamental and physical characteristics to provide three types of personalities. 

(a) Endomorphic: These individuals are pear shaped. These individuals have short arms and legs. They have large amount of fat on their body. Strength sports are suitable to these individuals. They easily gain weight. They have round, fat and soft bodies, are fond of food, easy going. slow in reaction and sociable.

(b) Mesomorphic: These individuals have a well developed, rugged and athletic body. They are adventurous, assertive, courageous and having a liking for physical activity. They individuals excel in strength, speed and agility activities. The.v have broad shoulders with muscled arms and legs. 

(c) Ectomorphic: They have a weak, fragile and delicate body build. These individuals have a narrow chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip, with lean muscles. They do not gain weight easily. They are reserved, anxious, pessimistic and having inhibition towards physical activity.

Sheldon also classified three types of personalities on the basis of temperament:

(a) Viscerotonic - happy, outgoing and lovers of food. 

(b) Somatotonic -assertive, bold and risk taking. 

(c) Cerebronic - studious, tense and introvert.

Importance of Physical education in development of personality:

(a) It helps in shaping up the personality of an individual. 

(b) It provides a free, pleasurable. immediate and natural expression of the innate desires of an individual. 

(c) It develops a feeling of sense of belonging, hapiness, experiences etc. which makes a balanced individual. 

(d) It improves physical appearance. Physical activities are conducive to the growth and development of the physique. 

(e) The mental exercise enhances the intellectual abilities and broadens one's mental horizon. It has a great impact on one's personality. 

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