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Two tankers contain 616 litres and 32 litres of petrol respectively. Find the maximum capacity of container which can measure the petrol of either tanker in exact number of times.

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Solution : 

A container can measure 616 liters of petrol an exact number of times if its capacity in liters is a divisor of 616. Also to measure 32 liters of petrol the capacity in liters must also be divisor of 32.
Therefore , the maximum capacity of the container is the GCF of 616 and 32 in liters. 
(use any method to find GCF) 

Let us use Euclid’s algorithm, to find the
616 = 32 x 19 + 8
32 = 8 x 4 + 0

So the GCF of 616 and 32 is 8.
So the capacity of the container = 8 liters.

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