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Explain, what is strength and write the methods for improving strength?

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Strength: Ability of the muscles to overcome the resistance/Capacity of the body to exert force/force that muscle can exert against resistance. 

Methods: (a) Isometric (b) lsotonic (c) isokinetic (Brief Explanation). 

Isometric exercises: These are the exercises in which no movement takes place while force is exerted against an imrnovable object. It develops only tension at the joint concerned. It is also called static muscle contraction, e.g. Pushing against a wall.

Isokinetic exercise: This is a type of muscle contraction where both the tension and speed are prefixed throughout the range of motion. This process involves development of maximum tension in muscles which shortens at constant speed at all angles, e.g. Treadmill. 

Isotonic: Iso means 'SAME' and tonic means TENSION. In isotonic contraction muscle contracts and shortens under a constant load throughout the entire range of joint. The shortening of a muscle's principle action (length of muscle decreases) is called concentric. The lengthening of the muscle (length increases) after contraction is called eccentric. Such types of contractions are commonly used in games and sports. This is also called dynamic contraction. In the initial phase of movement" concerned muscles are stretched and then they contract explosively. Because of shortening and lengthening of muscles there is always a resultant movement at concerned joint. In majority of the cases the dynamic muscle contraction is a specific combination of concentric and eccentric contractions. This happens in all explosive movements like jumps. throws, etc.

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