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Discuss the methods of speed development in detail.

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Methods of speed development: Speed is a performance pre-requisite to do motor actions under given conditions in minimum time. There are two methods of developing speed.

(a) Acceleration runs: It is the ability to achieve high speed of locomotion from a stationary position or from a slow moving position. Acceleration ability is improved indirectly by improving on explosive strength, technique and movement frequency. Short sprints of 25-80 metres are the best means for direct improvement of acceleration. The maximum speed achieved by a sprinter from the stationary start is about 6 seconds. Various researches have shown that during a sprint run the speed also increases with time. 

At the end of 1st, second the approximate speed is 55% of his maximum. 

At the end of 3rd second the approximate speed is 91% of his maximum. 

At the end of 5th second the approximate speed is 99% of his maximum. 

Number of repetitions is between 5 to 8. The repetitions can be divided into two series of 3 to 4. The repetitions should be stopped as and when the sportsperson is not able to maintain maximum speed. 

(b) Pace Races: This is an effective training meant for improving speed endurance. Distance selected is repeated at high speed, a speed that can be kept constant throughout the distance. The actual distance and number of repetitions will depend upon the game or sport. In these races the pace has to be set with the other athletes. For example, in the repetition of 200 metres the pacesetter stands about 10-15 metres ahead of a good athlete. In pace races the speed of the runner is faster. The pacemaker's movement should be properly given otherwise. i.e., will slow down the repetition of the good athlete and will have a negative effect on speed and motor coordination. In the pace races the speed of an athlete requires a high degree of concentration and complete attention towards the race to get best results.

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