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Draw a neat and labelled diagram for 

Disaster Management Cycle

1. What is meant by Disaster Preparedness?

2. Explain what is meant by mitigation and how is it implemented?

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1. 1. Disaster preparedness involves measures taken to prepare for and reduce effect of disasters. 

2. This includes carrying out awareness campaigns, strengthening the weak structures, preparing plans for households and community level, etc. 

3. Example, if a building catches fire, its residents should know how to escape. For this to occur, they should be trained beforehand. 

4. People living in the flood-prone areas should be prepared with items such as medicine, food, water, etc. 

5. It is the action taken to reduce or avoid disasters and their effects. 

6. It should be included in development policy and planning at regional, national and international levels. 

7. It is a continuous process.

2. 1. Mitigation means any measure taken to minimize the impact of a disaster before it occurs. In other words, it is an action taken against the potential disasters.

2. It is carried out for those disasters which cannot be prevented. 

3. Mitigation is helpful to the people because it creates safer communities and reduces loss of life and property of people. 

4. Remote sensing satellites can forecast floods or cyclones so people know about their timings. People can be evacuated from vulnerable areas. Example, when cyclone Fani occurred in India, mitigation efforts helped to reduce loss of life and property. 

5. Thus, mitigation helps to reduce the financial impact of disaster on

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