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What is the league-cum-knockout method? Make a cyclic fixture of 12 teams with the help of the single league cyclic method.

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League-cum-knockout: In this type of tournament first the teams will be divided into different pools. Every team will play against each other in their pool. Either the be st two or one team will be taken out from each pool as per point system and then they will play knockout matches and we will get the deserving winner of the tournament.

Cyclic fixture of 11 Teams:

No. of teams = 11 Rounds = 11 Matches = n(n-1)/2 = 11(11-1)/2 = 55

Winners will be declared as per point system. 

If the team wins - 2 point, lose - 0 point, draw - 1 point to each team. 

Add the score of all the matches. Team with the highest points will be declared as winner likewise 2nd and 3rd place will be decided and every team will get its ranking.

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